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Aboriginal spirituality is the essence of \\\'belonging to Country,\\\'  the oneness of Creation. All that is living or has the essence of life force is part of you, and you are part of it. If we allow or contribute to the ending of life, even of a tree, just so we can get a better view, then we contribute to our own life essence destruction. The time has come for each individual to take responsibility for the world we inhabit every day, including the way we teach children.

The Creator, Biami said, \\\'take only what you need and not what you greed and their will always be abundance, for all forever.\\\'

Ask yourself these questions, that only you can answer.

* Do I have the tap running endlessly

* Am I aware enough to stop and assist a helpless animal (Red Kangaroo teaching).

* Am I envious of what others have and do I trust that I have all that I need.

* Am I aware enough spiritually to give thanks that I have many blessings others do not have.

If you get up in the morning, look at your reflection and say to it, \\\'this is the last day of my life.\\\' Ask yourself, \\\'how do I want the last day of my life to be?\\\'

* Do you really care what others think?

* Do you really want to listen to spiteful gossips?

* Do you want angry words to pass your lips?

* Do you really think you are a victim?

* When was the last time you said to a family member or friend "thank you."

* When was the last time you said "I love you," even when angry words were spoken!

Because one day it really will be the last day of your life.

"Our ultimate goal is the gaining of wisdom and knowledge to enable us to become one with all of Creation."

This site is for women who wish to explore their own spiritual journey of belonging to the land our Mother, Nungeena-tya, this site is for women who want to share their journey, this .



"Women's Spirit"

Women's Spirit

Sacred women's place 2002

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