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About Minmia

Minmia is a well known Australia wide and internationally, she is an Aboriginal woman from the Wirradjurri (Wiradjuri) nation of New South Wales. She is a carrier of the Traditional women's Lore/law of the Wirradjurri (Wiradjuri) people. She is an Aboriginal Elder, spiritual healer, educator and an amazing storyteller and gifted writer. 

As well as spiritual  Minmia is also known for her artistic abilities through her artworks which are acclaimed internationally as well as nationally, they are held in many private collections throughout the world.

 "I want to bring back thinking places. I want to bring back the songs. I want to bring back the stories. I want to bring back the sense of belonging. I want to help with the healing.

That’s what I want.”

Please note: Minmia prefers this spelling; Wirradjurri