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About Minmia


The many talents of Minmia are at your fingertips, walk her journey with her as you glimpse and learn about Aboriginal people and their art. Minmia’s talents are many, her artistic abilities come to the forefront with each story that she weaves cleverly into her paintings.

In her endeavor to further share the teachings of Aboriginal spirituality and the essence of ones journey, Minmia has taken her gift of knowledge and traditional learning to assist women on their walking their journey together with Nungeena-tya, Mother Earth.

Under the Quandong Tree by Minmia



This book is beautifully presented it  is a collection of Minmia’s teachings and wisdom. The book is about Traditional teachings of the Lore/law that explains what this land means in every essence. It tells you how to understand your soul journey from the essence of Creation, the dreaming tracks and song lines.

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The Miwi  




The Miwi is a protector talisman from the Wirradjirri (Wiradjuri) Nation of New South Wales which symbolizes the total essence of spirit, or soul. Traditionally they were first carved on stone with stone and broken with stone to release the justice seeker, the righter of wrongs. This can still be done. But intent is vitally important, you must break it only with universal justice in mind.

Each Miwi has a symbol painted on the body. These symbols carry different meanings and have different effects. Today the Miwi would be known as a Guardian Angel or a Protector.

There are four design symbols for the Miwi

  • the heart; a symbol of healing and affection.
  • the Kangaroo; a symbol of going forward.
  • the Boomerang: a symbol of going and returning home.
  • and the journey. a symbol of being true to self. 

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Journey Stones





Life Journey Stones are Aboriginal teaching stones. Every symbol has a meaning; these stones help us to understand ourselves within Creation and the Dreaming. The stones are collected from sacred places and hand painted to make your collection unique to you.     

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